Be positive, within.

Sometime back, I was in conversation with a friend about negative and positive vibes. We were discussing how people with negative thoughts and emotions tend to disturb our balance more than we realize. We tend to get defensive, start justifying our rationality, which frankly is totally unnecessary. If I am right, there isn’t a need to prove it and if wrong, must simply accept without excuses.

The conversation made me realize, how sometimes in trying to prove our point we cross the line without once realizing how it affects the other. We are too busy establishing our awesomeness we fail to realize the other’s emotions. Freedom of speech should not paramount to hurting sensibilities. If you are indeed as amazing as you claim to be, you don’t have to beat it down – the light will illuminate us anyway. Being intrusive is unacceptable.

Unrelated it may seem but there is a connect.

We as people are wrapped and warped in our own insecurities, there is a need to constantly defend our side of the story. We are what we are, we should be accepted the way we are. Yes, there is always room for improvement. Critiquing needs to also be supported with sensitivity, we need to remember we are no authority on conduct. We should express our views unbiased and with honesty. Everyone has the right to guard their space the way they desire.

How I perceive may not always be in sync with the mood or tone how something is conveyed. Perception is entirely a state of mind at that specific moment. More often than not, if we don’t like a certain someone, the sensible they may say sound totally senseless to us. We end up judging unfair. It is unfair. It is critical not to let our residual impact affect our judgment.

I am not a very spiritual person, but I do believe in the power of positive thinking. If we think positive, we feel it too. On the other hand, when we think all things negative, it starts reflecting in our behavior, our expressions and work. Somewhat similar to how we perceive situations different when we are happy v/s sad. When you are happy all is well with the world and when not the smallest thing can spark fireworks.

It is important to remember the good in our life and stick with it and move away from the constant berating, mocking and inch towards appreciative and happy. So, before I lose the plot completely and go on a different tangent (which I am known to do all the time) I will just say this, you allowed me to show you, how unique and amazing you are. Cheers to you my friend, you make me smile even when there is no reason. Rather, you are the reason for much sanity and balance in life.

You don’t need to look for a reason to be happy, just be.


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