Politics of rape

The hush whispers in the corridors of the dark and obscure have now become the most spoken out in the open. Oh no, I am not implying it should be hushed at all. All I am saying is societal dynamics have changed drastically.

Rape means forced against will. An absolute weapon of power play. It’s an exhibition of might as right. The only agenda is violation and annihilation of another human being emotionally, mentally and physically regardless of gender.
There is no plausible explanation – i just see it as unleashing hell. That is all. A living hell from that moment on, till the victim’s last breath. A hell that will not allow them to live a normal life, feel normal and be normal. Trust and faith is shattered for life along with the hope to ever leave the trauma behind. Some learn to deal, accept and move on but most aren’t that lucky. It is not just one person, but a family/community destroyed.
There were always rapists, psychopaths and pedophiles amidst us, just that their boldness has now come of age. Instead of a one odd case coming to light, we have more and more cases springing up and shoved in our face every day.
Our girls are getting raped by priests, police, and politicians under various cushioned blankets of caste, religion, and vendetta. Of course, the most popular being ‘teach them a lesson’. As if life’s lessons weren’t enough we now have men who do not figure in our scheme of things at all, taking the onus to do so.
So of urban legends, it is about in appropriate dressing and stayed out late, drinking and keeping male company. Oh of course, there is no concept of men being friends, it is always the illicit affairs and immoral conduct. So, the moral thing is to rape her and teach her a lesson. Yeah, progressive.
And rural just because, or maybe a sudden erection and didn’t know where else to put it!
Eventually, it does end in feeding either of the demons above and in the process, destroy a person completely!
Now we have to deal with rapes of infants, children and babies.
What is wrong with these people? I mean seriously. When is this all going to stop? The answer is 1. Not until the mental sickness prevails, which, let’s admit will always remain. 2. Fear of the system. Till there is no fear of consequences, there is no stopping them demonic urges. By fear of consequences, I mean not just capital punishment, it also needs to be handled effectively, efficiently and fast tracked. The probes need to be unbiased portrayal of facts and not assumptions.  3. Media needs to stop takes sides and remain neutral.
All the three above, possibly impossible!  So we are back to square one.
I am not a violent person by nature, nor am I the forgiving kind. In this case though, I’d be happy to make an exception and publicly castrate the perpetrators to make an example out of them.
This is just uproar based on those few cases that see the light of the day because somebody somewhere is banking on diverting attention by the publicity gained. There are many more that never get to go beyond the doorstep of the victim for the fear of many unknowns including threats to life.

Our bodies are our personal sacred space, no one is allowed to touch and feel without our permission.
A NO, is a no. A simple two alphabet word. N O- NO. When someone utters that word out of their mouth, hear it, understand it and respect it. Don’t take it as a challenge to prove your masculinity, instead hear it as a command of guarding one’s space.

This is Private Property. NO trespassing. Violators will be shot, on sight!

2 thoughts on “Politics of rape

  1. While such incidents feed one’s indignation, still pays to wait till all the facts are clear. Right now all we know is that children were raped and killed in separate incidents. If shock and horror was all it took, our country should’ve been shamed into not continuing further on this path right after the Nirbhaya incident, which is 5 and a half years and counting in the past by now.

    1. Absolutely. 106 rapes are reported each day. We are allowing these tragic acts to be politicized and in the process trivialized to suit personal agendas.
      They continue to get violated and shamed by media.

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