Empowered indeed.

Alka paints moi and makes it bestest day ever 🙂 

So the day began with this beautiful painted portrait by my favorite painter Alka, who is my absolute happy sunny spot of all things rainbow!
No nonsensical WhatsApp flooding with bouquets and mad Happy Women’s Day messages (Damn you Hallmark)) could dampen what she gave me today.
Oh yes, like we all believe, everyday is our day. So there is no real need of celebrating and singling out this one particular day, yet I still have something to say.
The truth is my perception of empowerment has come a long way.
Back when we were kids, empowerment was limited to be able to ‘dress up like boys (read shorts and pants)’ be able to play ‘boy games (read flying kites, kanche, gilli danda etc.)’. It also meant we girls could be out loitering till the bro, and having the same curfew time as him.
In college it became the other things, having a drink, going out partying and other regular stuff boys took for granted. Girls just wanna have fun became the cult mantra.
With carrier dawned the right to equality, no man can better me, I was born the best. It may be a man’s world but women runneth 😊
With marriage came the sharing chores. Co-raising the co-birthed, equality at home. Why just me, why can’t etc.
Now, my 40’s have brought with them a new fire to the fight. Right to PEACE and SPACE and UNWIND.
I have been truly blessed to have been born in the 70’s. For I have birthed in the Generation X, boomed Millennial and crawling through Gen Z. The best and worst of all!
I can see where I came from, struggled to find my footing and finally the unsettled nomad in this oh so mad.
I am now witnessing the curse for the teen I have birthed who goes on to raise himself and me in the bargain 😊 truly that is the stepping stone on my empowerment.
For the woman who birthed her only in the late 20’s to coming barely quarter circle 2 decades later, I find myself pleasantly surprised at how my evolution of empowerment has come along, grown with my growth.
Man, woman conflicts don’t bother me no more. I don’t want to get up on a stage and scream for my right to equality or superiority for that matter. There is no fight. I have my own space and that shall remain so.
For me, freedom comes from being able to express regardless of people judging and more importantly for not caring about being judged.
Empowerment came from being co-birthed by a man and a woman. The credit is just not my mother’s alone. I have the best and worst of both in me. I empowered my birthers the privilege of being parents.
Likewise, my son gave birth to the mother in me.
I am so damn proud and honored to acknowledge the men in my life who continue to empower me by loving me, encouraging and inspiring, motivating and letting me be. I am what I am because they remain by my side regardless. I am not saying it was easy, I am saying it was definitely worth it.
I am empowered today because life has been kind enough to give me the best of the best real world stalwarts. My besties. The people who rock my world. The most amazing real world women in my life. My mother, my sister, my best friends, colleagues and in fact every woman who has touched my life and crossed my path.
Most special mention of my virtual world existers. You don’t judge, you stayed real than real, you accept me just the way I am, love unconditionally, encourage wholly and inspire continuously. You are a part of me for as long as I am.

I am what I am. The good, the bad and the very mad. This is me. Except for the 2 exceptional people who brought me into this world, no one has any claim to this fame. At all. They gave this world a spark who chose those who fanned her flames.
I am empowered as I allowed myself to be.

No more, no less
I am a Woman,
True to self, just as I am

2 thoughts on “Empowered indeed.

  1. Just loved it. This is true empowerment. I echo each and every thought of yours. Perfect 👌

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