I am a woman, deal with it.

Growing up has been wonderful experience for me. I was raised by the most awesome set of birthers. They did not read parenting manuals or go surfing for support. They did the best they could, it all came from within and they nailed it, raised three wonderful kids, who are now standing tall and raising their own.

So that being the background, let me quickly share a memory of a lifetime with you.

I was really thin, growing up. A scrawny, wild thing I was. Anyway, I always thought my father loved my sister more. You know she was a pretty, dainty doll kind of kid, and I was ugly. Well she still is the prettiest but that’s another story. So once, on one such heartbroken day, I said to him, ‘I know you don’t love me as much as you love her. I am so ugly and she is so pretty.’ I can still hear my father’s roaring laughter as he replied, ‘You are my prettiest princess.  You have the magical power to spread happiness wherever you go. BUT you can not tell anyone that because then you will lose the power and be ordinary like the rest of us.’ I believed him, still do. That was what this man was. He loved both his girls equally and yet never let  them feel otherwise. He loved us unconditionally.

As I grew older, I realised what this man had done for me. He had given me the confidence to believe that I was the best.

I have seen life at its worst and its best as you all have. I have lost more than I have won. My father was my hero, I lost him 3 years ago, and still haven’t come to terms with it. In fact I am far from it. But that’s all right as someone once said to me, ‘deal with it how you wish, how you see, when you want, and how to be. Do whatever works. As each day passes, it works. It may be slow, but it is there.’

Today we talk about women empowerment. I don’t need anyone to empower me. I was birthed by the man who held his daughter in his arms and said, ‘you empowered me with the privilege of being your father.’ A father who showed his little girl the power she holds. I am the power I need. I am a woman deal with it, you can’t better me I was born the best.

On my good days I carry him in my smile as I am on my way

Sometimes when I see my failures at the end of day,

I feel him pull me up and brace for another brand new day…

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