The year that was…

She looked up at the sky, bursting with light, in all colours possible. It was midnight. The New Year had dawned-tearing through the dark, cold winter sky, lighting up everything in its way.

The ice cubes clinked in the empty glass.  The mist of the night reflected in her eyes, it always saddened a tad bit to leave the year behind.The memories running through her mind like a flash back – of the time that was, the rush of emotions, the good the bad, all of it.

The glass refilled, she settled down for her final walk through of what she had left behind…

It had been a very trying and tiring year. The losses weighed her down and somehow, the good seemed left far behind. The pain of the loss, seemed heavy to carry and heavier to off load. The memories seemed to drain with the drink, the clink of the ice cubes indicated another refill.

Sound of music reverberated through the air, the past left behind, the future embraced. It is strange how with the stroke of the midnight hour, perception changes, future looks bright and inviting, the past forgotten like it never existed.

She sat still, taking in the moment. She smiled, breeze brought in a familiar whiff of cologne. He stood in the darkness with a refill, not saying anything. He sat down, looking in her eyes shining in the moonlight. He put her arms around her. He was always there, he always knew what she was thinking before the thought itself. The night had calmed into a comfortable silence. They were out of time and breathed in whatever was left of it.

The sharp ring of the doorbell came with a loud bang of the door. Impatience came screaming through the door followed by a loud scream of excitement. They broke into laughter as he came with shouts of happiness all around. Bear hugs, sloppy kisses and love you(s) echoed through the house.

Lights and songs filled the house, it was the moment…

The moment with a promise of all things good, a clean slate to start afresh, promises made-never to be broken, love unto death, best friends forever, betrayals forgotten, allegiances formed for life and the undeniable power of hope… hope to better our best.

Yes indeed, the newness of the new year sparkled everything bright.

To the past I say goodbye, Another year has passed me by,

With hope and aspirations new, to the year that was, I bid adieu..

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