Fourteen, and counting..

They say marriage is a risk.

Well of course it is. Any relationship that needs investment, is a risk and it does not come with any statutory warnings either.

And yet you want to make it work because there is way too much at stake. Marriage is not just about the two, but also about the families they bring with them along with the family they create. High stakes, emotional involvement, one would think it binding no?

au contraire’ – all depends on how you look at it.
I met my partner in crime 16 years ago, actually he is the partner and I am simply the crime. He was 27 and I,  25. For me it was pretty much ‘love at first sight’, and for him exasperation. I would talk endless, sometimes gasping for air and he was a man of few words.

So what was it that worked?

Everything actually… Everything about us is unique. We both bring our own special something to the table. He brings the calm and me the storm. Who would have thought such imperfect would be so perfect? Indeed has been a wonderful journey and will continue to be so. Oh, of course I have had my moments of hit and run, but on the whole it has been a fun roller coaster sans the nausea. People, who know me up close, know what roller coasters do to me!

Marriage is also about space, coexisting and finding one’s own place. There is a time you allow one another to be and then the time you indulge one another, compliment one another. The flaws become strengths and madness the only thing that makes sense, with it brings much happiness and joy. That is what it is in this case, two diametrically opposite people came together and something magical happened.

On that thought, we wish each other more ‘we’ and cheers to all that crazy that hopefully life should be.

With the love what is…

In the hope of what will be,

For as long as together we are…

I love you just as being me 

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