Rest in peace..

Santa Claus, that is what comes to mind when I think of him.

An integral part of my childhood memory, as early as I can think back. Summer holidays were always made special by him. He always seemed to know my favorites, actually he knew all thirteen of us just as well and had the knack of making all of us feel as if we were the one. He had the deepest pockets ever made for goodies – he had them stuffed in his pockets. No matter how busy he always had time for us.

A younger vibrant replica of dad with the same smile, small stature and large heart. He was the life of this family, the youngest of dad’s siblings. The house is slowly losing its strongest pillars, and even though the new try to support the old – the loss is immeasurable. Visits back home will never be the same again, we will never feel the same again.

Life – gives you heartbreaks, death and despair and forces you to live on through it all. Yes we all know there is an end for all that we begin but that does not make it any easier to deal with or any simpler to understand. Times like these make me believe, I seem to have inherited the lions share indeed. When I brave it, it will seem a distant memory but for now it bleeds me slow and painful.

We are here left behind, mourn you before your time,

So much to say is left unsaid, so much to do will never be done.

As I say my final goodbye, unshed tears sting my eyes…

Holding close memories these, may you always rest in peace…

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