Goodbye, for now…

He looked at the clock, again.

He seemed in no hurry. Time check for the nth time showed 5.30. It was time. Time for good bye,

He leaned back in his chair, staring in space. She could see him through the glass door of his cabin, wrapping up the best years of his life with unsteady hands, as he went about the motions of clearing his space. Curios collected over endless foreign trips, books, the hands free he barely ever used, the table clock which rested unseen on his desk, the papers he needed to file away.

It was not easy for him, but it had to be done. As he carelessly tossed the charging cord in his bag, she got a glimpse of the sadness in his eyes and felt a lump in her throat. She had worked by his side for seven glorious years. He was her mentor, her teacher. She had come a long way since then, yet somehow it seemed like she was starting all over again.

Her mind raced back to first day at work, the excitement and the apprehension, eager to find her space in this place. This place had taught her a lot and he had been there guiding her through it all.

She smiled to herself as her mind sifted through the snapshots of her journey. It was time and it had to be done. She wasn’t good at this and did not want to mull over it anymore. She tapped gently on his door as he greeted her with a smile. She wished him best and left as did the rest of them. The loss will be felt for a long time to come and the void may never be filled, someone else may take his place, but it will never be the same, it will never be him…

He was alone, finally.

There was so much he was leaving behind – friends, colleagues, gains, losses. How does one pack away 14 years like that? He stood up shaking the dust of memories of him. Picked up his bag and walked out for the last time, leaving behind what was, looking forward to what will be..

Gone but not forgotten…

Lonely, but never alone…

Farewell oh dear friend.

May you always fare well…

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, for now…

  1. I take pride in the fact that I can write on just about anything, for just about anyone. Words are my best friends, they don’t judge me and never let me down.

    Yet comes along a time like this, when there is so much to say and yet my best friends fail me as I fare well to what was and with much apprehension wonder indeed what it will be..

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